December 28, 2014
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Free Printable Calendar 2015

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The New Year brings to us a desire to get organized and start anew. Now a days a lot of us use Smart Phones and Tablets to keep on schedule but sometimes, a calendar on the table or a wall helps in productivity. There is just something about writing something down on a calendar, drawing arrows and doodles on an actual calendar that help us remember what is going on! Plus a "big picture" at a glance image of current month is irreplaceable.

So for all of those who can't quite get that on their phone's calendar, we are providing a free printable calendar for 2015 and we are sharing it with you today. We keep this on several clipboards and are used by individual staff who wants to track down their events, idea and due dates.
We created each month in a different color so you can identify the month just by a glance, plus there are some space to jot down ideas and to-do lists. There are millions of ways you can use it, as a simple journal, logs, planning, schedules and etc. It's just limited by your imagination.

Get yourself more organized for 2015, You can download the PDF version here 2015-Calendar.pdf.

Please think about the environment before you print it, don't waste or print unnecessary copies.

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