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We are unique in the computer industry in Maldives in that we focus on your needs, provide solutions that meet those needs and protect your investment by designing and supporting solutions that best cater for growth and changing needs. We are unique in that, wherever applicable, we use Free/Libre Open Source Software.

Total sales and after sales support are able to provide you with competitive pricing on all major brands or can custom build and support workstations and servers.

logoMaldicore is an Information Technology firm established with an aim to provide best services and innovative computer technologies. Our focus is on developing and supporting your IT infrastructure taking into account your business needs and constraints. Maldicore has now developed into well equipped organization with a disciplined team of engineers and sales executives looking into the depth and breadth of the market with a broad minded think tank. In fact, the company's philosophy is aimed at total customer's satisfaction in all spheres.

Maldicore is the first solution provider in the Maldives focused on helping customers realize the strategic value of Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) and Platforms.

We provide the complete spectrum of integrated technology and business-related services ranging from PC troubleshooting, to design and implementation of Client/Server networks, and management of your complete IT infrastructure. All of these using Open Source Software.

With a long view for the future Maldicore marches forward with a promise of excellent services and products.

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